Peter Kappel

Peter Kappel’s Portrait

Life’s Red

Peter is an Austrian photographer born in Vienna who is currently based in Ireland.

From working with graphics such as photos, lithography, and colors, his visions began to come to fruition when working with different cameras and techniques.

With his current series, Life’s Red Kappel encourages the viewer to observe and discover what they have already seen but in a different, unique kind of way. Burdened by the stresses and strains associated with a global pandemic and the materialistic nature of society, the outlook feels uncertain and gloomy. A desire for escapism is present and real. Kappel uses infrared film in his everyday surroundings of Dublin as a means in which to uplift viewers from global uncertainties, offering them an escapism that engages with the colour and beauty of everyday life from a new refreshing perspective of hope.

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