Jesús Tiscareño

Jesús Tiscareño’s Portrait

The Invisible Ones

Coming from a violent and insecure country like Mexico, living in Ireland always made me feel very safe. But when I listened to the stories of the food delivery people with whom I spoke every day I started asking myself, how is it that in such a safe country a sector of the population is so vulnerable? So I decided to tell their stories. My goal with this documentary was to try to restore humanity to people that we have made invisible with our indifference. This project is a portrait of the violence and exploitation that honest and hardworking people face every day in Dublin.

For me as an immigrant, it makes me feel hopeful to live in a country where things can change, where injustices can be pointed out and discussed freely. That is why it is important to tell this story because I’m optimistic that making this social phenomenon known will bring awareness and that the situation for these people might therefore improve. 

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