Christopher Curley

Christopher Curley’s Portrait

Get out and Drive

‘Get out and Drive’ shines a light on the Irish Car community as it features some of the individuals at the very core of the community. As the director, I felt I could showcase this community because I am so close to it. When I'm not working or on set, I'm thinking about the next car meet, the next show, the next modification on my own car, my next car. Being part of the automotive world is who I am through and through. We're not all hooligans, we don't leave our homes every night hoping to start a chase with An Garda Síochána or to cause an incident at a car meet although there is no denying that these negative aspects do exist. Sadly Ireland is not a very welcoming place for providing somewhere affordable that would eliminate this bad behaviour from the roads completely. But, through this documentary, we hope to show that there is so much more to the Irish car community itself. Most of us simply want to put our energy and passion into something we love and to be able to showcase our work and admire the work of others. 

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