Ann Cathrin Grimberger

Ann Cathrin Grimberger’s Portrait


Sky-High is an Autumn/Winter 2022 womenswear collection inspired by London's iconic skyscrapers. The Shard, the Gherkin and Skygarden structures are just three of the numerous towers made of steel, concrete and glass that stretch into the sky above London`s bustling business district. Due to their unique shapes, they have become symbols of my London life, and it is impossible to imagine the skyline of this metropolis without them. Just like these buildings, the outfits in this collection offer modern and unique silhouettes.

Accents also provide exciting details such as geometric embroidery, contrast colored edging and colorful recycled plastic zips and buckles. The colour palette ranges from light grey to dark charcoal with strong orange highlights, which gives the outfits a professional, but also sporty, futuristic vibe. Fabrics range from soft boiled wool to crisp, recycled polyester for a range functions. Designed in simple, comfortable cuts that are easy to wear yet create a unique and dramatic look for your everyday work life. Sky-High is not only a collection for modern successful business women, but for anyone who has had enough of uninspiring outfits in the workplace and want to express their modern attitude through their wardrobe.

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