Venus Jin Rou Chan

Venus Jin Rou Chan’s Portrait

Low Key Life

Having moved from tropical Malaysia to Ireland four years ago, I was struck by the dramatic difference in weather temperature and had no wardrobe items to suit Ireland`s cold, wet climate. This inspired me to create a collection that is seasonless and can be worn year-round in many different environments because my customer loves to travel and explore. I also wanted to elevate streetwear to a luxury level in contrast to the Covid loungewear we have seen over the past few years. Bearing in mind that oversized silhouettes, sharing clothes between the sexes and a more casual way of dressing are all directions in which fashion is heading, I have produced a genderless collection that is functional as well as sustainable. My love of 90s hip hop has informed the design aesthetic and the concrete structures of modern skateparks can be seen in the custom print and colourful topstitching. My fabric choice includes Techo bi-stretch, Waterproof, Cupro and Tencel in colours from nature such as khaki, sand, sky blue and yellow. Low Key Life is a brand that offers eco-urban design to a customer who values adventure and balance in their work, rest and play.

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