Danielle Luong

Danielle Luong’s Portrait

Different Everyday

“Different Everyday” is inspired by graffiti and the Japanese Harajuku streetwear for individualism and self-expression through fashion and style. The collection promotes an anti-bullying manifesto through the power of positive thinking and inspirational quotes within the garments. A hand-drawn graffiti print tells the wearer to “Speak Up!” and “You are Beautiful” to remind them not to hide behind their clothes but to wear them with pride. The oversized hoods are a signature design detail to cocoon and protect the wearer at times when they are feeling vulnerable. The colour palette is soft and feminine in pastel shades taking inspiration from the girly features of Harajuku, in contrast, the printed messages are bold and black with strong painterly splashes of colour. Fabrics are comfortable and functional, such as cotton jersey, cotton drill, velvet corduroy and soft rainbow tulle. For young customers, this collection provides affordable multi-option garments which can be zipped apart and attached to change the style and colour. Hoods and jackets are reversible and the 6 colour prints all work together to bring a wide variety of style options for everyday wear.

More BA (Hons) in Fashion Design