Anne Marte Hjoernegaard

Anne Marte Hjoernegaard’s Portrait

South Studio, 27-28 New Row South, Dublin 8.

My project involves designing a café, office space, and a mix of one – four bedroom apartment. My aim is to design a welcoming and a creative environment that will make the clients, workers and the residents feel welcome, creative and inspired by the use of a strong colour palette. My concept is something old and something new, inspired by the existing building as an old warehouse building with lots of history. The design is a redesign of something old into something new with a hint of the old.  The main colours used in this project are green and pink, the colour selection gives a strong contrast with a modern twist. I wanted to push myself and expand my design skills by experimenting with the use of strong colours and using paint patterns on walls, ceilings and floors. I also implemented an environmental approach and universal design approach to my design.

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture