Josefine Emilie Sve Hagen

Josefine Emilie Sve Hagen’s Portrait

Nonchalant - 83. St. Stephen’s Green

Findings from recent research and field of study are suggesting that there is a higher amount of young people suffering from a mental disorder in Ireland than in any other country (Cannon, Coughlan et al., 2013). Together with a design thinking team, the client HSE concluded with making an informal and low-threshold health and wellbeing, a recreation centre for teenagers and young adults in the community, thanks to investments. 83. St. Stephen’s Green is the unique site for this new recreation centre. The site is compiled by three protected Georgian townhouses 82. - 84. St. Stephen’s Green was built in the 1730s, in addition to an extension built in the early 2000s located in the backyard of the site.

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture