Caroline Garcia Moreira Da Cruz Carvalho

Caroline Garcia Moreira Da Cruz Carvalho’s Portrait


The MDFN is a center for mental health and wellbeing activities. Commissioned by the Psychological Society of Ireland – PSI. The Center has not only therapy rooms but also artistic, physical and cultural activities.  The MDFN is PSI's contribution to changing the high rates of depression and suicide in Irish society. It is composed of spaces that explore spatial perception based on the principles of Neuroarchitecture. The natural elements and materials create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging contemplation and reflection. The line as a design concept is an analogy to the psychological principle of boundaries. It is also an architectural reference to the initial trace that originates spaces and shapes. The imaginary line that divides meridians and tropics, creates borders and ideologies, the tenuous line between conscious and unconscious. The project flirts with psychology from the conception to the final trace. Spaces within spaces makes this reference to the unconscious and conscious, creating mystery and curiosity. MDFN offers not only a constructed space but a real experience to the user that should leave this space better than when they entered.

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture