Ina Uran Lunde

Ina Uran Lunde’s Portrait

Rutland Rehabilitation Centre, Warrenmount

For this project I have explored the readaptation and reuse of an existing building, by turning  a secondary school into a rehabilitation facility for people with drug addiction. The primary  objective has been to highlight the beneficial effects of colours in relation to human health  through the implementation of colours consistently throughout the interior. Thus, my  concept is inspired by colours and specifically the phenomenon of when a light beam  disperses into colours, as well as the connection between colours, nature, and the human  mind. The new space plan focuses on open yet intimate spaces with a calm and therapeutic  atmosphere, which inspires and initiates healing. Furthermore, multi-functionality is at the  heart of the design to make all spaces as universal as possible. The design style is primarily  contemporary, with Scandinavian elements and numerous colours, all of which has been  carefully selected and placed due to their psychological properties.  

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture