Daria Aron

Daria Aron’s Portrait

Organic Embrace

The building chosen for this project is the Art Gallery and Studio’s building on Temple Bar. Following the concept, the building is proposed as a centre, where patients attend counselling services, in groups or in private meetings. The building has been designed, based on studies done by Rodger Ulrich, in 1984, continuing with Edward O’ Wilson and his study on Biophilia, beyond plants and trees. The bond between humans and nature, influenced a concept, which looks at organics and their influence upon people. I titled my concept “Organic Embrace”. The centre contains zones designed with specific purposes and they include, lounge areas for tea/coffee, counselling offices, internal garden, gym area and lastly, void spaces, bringing natural light, within the building. The building welcomes patients and visitors to come inside, experience nature in a unique way, talk to a professional and lastly, become active in the gym, as it is very important for the mind as well as the body.  

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture