Chen Chen Koh

Chen Chen Koh’s Portrait

Craft Laboratory

This craft centre will house different crafts of workshops, community space, café, retail shop,  library, computer lab, office, and roof garden. The objective of this craft centre is to help  reducing the global waste issue and provide an environment which not only brings benefits  for people in terms of community relations & reducing mental health issue, as well as broaden  their knowledge in the aspects of recycling and upcycling. At the end, both human beings and  the environment will gain benefits from this proposed project. Besides, many traditional  crafts will be preserved successfully and introduce to the future generations. 

The concept is called daybreak. The initial idea of the concept is to bring more daylight into  the interior. The main materials and colours of the proposed project are black, white, wood,  concrete, and plant. 

More BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture