Rebecca Nilssen

Rebecca Nilssen’s Portrait

Intergenerational co-housing for students and elderly people, Tara Street, Dublin 2

 The once old fire station located in Tara Street, Dublin 2, has been adaptively reused for intergenerational co-housing. It is presented to be a housing for both students and the elderly. Essentially, it was preferred to create a concept that would give a new perspective to the building and the idea of living sustainably in a city. «What a belvedere» is the developed concept for the proposal and means beautiful view in Italian. The beautiful tower has been heavily inspired by the Italian lookout towers and is easily seen in the nearby streets. The different perspectives represent the relationship between the residents and visitors the building shall accommodate. Receiving new perspectives through the meeting, living with new people, and sharing knowledge and experiences. Perspectives also create unique atmospheres that will suit each person’s needs. Therefore, there will be a mixed-use of the building. The ground floor is to be a public local food hall. In addition, to a recycling station in the back. Lastly, the basement will have a gym facility for the residents.

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