Ewelina Kalka

Ewelina Kalka’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory

The aim of the concept called Machine & I is to challenge people’s perception of technology and its aesthetics. Though our lives are becoming ever further interwoven with technology, we carry a sense of unease with each new step forward or new technological integration into society. Technophobia and the fears and anxieties surrounding it are further expressed through media, where cultural tropes suggest a dystopian future where technology has an omnipresence and runs our lives. 

By developing the spaces with minimal technology to be quite dystopian and futuristic in design, and spaces with high technology integration to be familiar and warm, it will enable people to rethink their relationship with technology.

Within the offices, the integration of technology will be seamless allowing for the space to be cosy and relatable, while outside emulating something completely different.

The office overall will contain a variety of environments, stemming from the bottom being an area for quiet focus, travelling up to the top floor which will hold the restaurants and an events space.

This movement of sound from each floor to the next will carry the energy of the building upwards. This movement will be carried further by the people who are travelling between each floor via the stairs, which connects this travelling crescendo of sound. 

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