Michael Holden

Michael Holden’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory

My concept for the ‘Chocolate Factory is inspired by the idea of “Natralia” -  which is what happens to abandoned building when nature reclaims them.  We as humans transform spaces and leave our unmistakable marks on the world however, they are not always constant as when we move on, nature quickly moves in to stake its claim once more. I find it mesmerising to look at the decay of pristine spaces, and the idea how these space becomes full of character because someone stopped caring about it’s original character in the first place.

From my research I found nature creeping through broken windows and cracks, gradually taking back the spaces built and abandoned by humans until they are almost reclaimed by Nature. I was very much drawn to the textures and materials of abandoned buildings – everything from rusty metals when they start to oxidise to crumbling exposed stonework.  This brick work is skeletal and shows us the deeper inner layers of the building exposed for all to see. My colour pallet is array of natural hues, lush greens and subtle browns all representing the materials we see. 

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