Kyuri Park

Kyuri Park’s Portrait

WE:BEING Co-Working Space: CHOCOLATE FACTORY Renovation

I was very inspired by Chocolate Factory’s history. The reason why the factory was able to succeed in the crisis of failure was because there was a trust the between the artists and building owner.

My concept idea came from visualizing the scenes where the artists and building owner rely on each other. I developed the concept of “being woven with each other” and set it as a concept of weaving. I applied my concept to various the layout of basement and ground floor cafe, using woven texture and wall finishes. Especially, the freelances’ hotdesk of first floor was inspired by the image of two different lines being woven together into one and it that different people gather in one space to form a combination or create synergy. Since this space is a co-working space for various freelancers, I tried to create a unique individual work pod as possible on the second and third floors.

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