Jean Whelan

Jean Whelan’s Portrait

Re-Design of a Protected Commercial Building: The Chocolate Factory,

I propose a complete re-design of the Chocolate Factory for the current creative tenants. As  self-employed people, they value the casual collaboration that comes with sharing a  workspace.  

My concept – “Separately Together”- was borne out of the symmetry of a simple chocolate bar  where separate pieces remain separate but together share a single foundation, and the  separate internal columns that together support the entire structure of this building. My grid  inspired design provides this backdrop for an artistic community. 

I have endeavoured to bring light into this dark space and create bright and sustainable private  studios over two floors, suitable for these inspiring people - with access to lots of collaboration  space. Hot Desks allow other creatives to work here on a casual basis.  

A “third space” on the ground floor welcomes in the local community to observe some of the  artists at work, and view finished pieces in the gallery. A tapas bar/cafe on the top floor allows  artists and visitors to go “Off Grid”. With external and internal landscaping, it is my hope that  The Artists’ Bloc will breathe new life into this neglected corner of Dublin.

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