Raul Nuno Velarde

Raul Nuno Velarde’s Portrait

Forest Clearing

This project is a dialogue between space and materials. The main concept is the creation of contrast in the principal structure of the building, which is of heavy concrete and little natural illumination. 

The contrast is realised with the consistent introduction of lighter materials such as glass, allowing the maximum amount of natural light possible to enter all parts of the building, while at the same time creating private spaces, ideal for the Creatives who will occupy and use them. 

This building will be a forest clearing where light, space and materials will combine in harmony to inspire and exploit the creativity of its occupants. 

Taking inspiration from Japanese culture and the principle that architecture works in harmony with its surroundings and with nature, the concept draws on the four elements. 

As in the rural Japanese home, the garden is an extension of the structure and is itself, a living space. The elements come to life in the central atrium of the building, where space and natural air-flow is abundant, sunlight represents fire, earth is represented by plants and the collection of rainwater brings water into the centre of the building in the form of a waterfall. 

The plans offer generous spacing. The building has been designed in a way that universal access is a priority. The system of sliding doors for example, discrete lighting and unobtrusive furniture allows universal access and exceptional ease of circulation. 

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