Miraal Khan

Miraal Khan’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory turned Office Hub and Collaborative Space; an aberrated Juxtaposition

Dublin Chocolate factory is a dated but charming building that is being turned into an Office Hub and Collaborative Space for all the designers of the city to merge together and create beautiful things. The concept of the overall design of the space is «The Art of Juxtaposition.» I came to this concept idea by observing the Greek columns on the exterior facade of the building and looking into Greek Architecture, thinking about the Irish Architecture within the area and seen throughout the city and how the two architectural styles can be used to create a beautiful juxtaposition in design. I decided the building called for a change of aesthetic within the interior. The exterior is masculine and rich in history and I believe it adds to the character of this magnificent space. The design of each individual floor will allow guests to have a different experience throughout their time at the new Office and Collaborative space. The juxtaposition I intend to introduce to the city can be seen by the very idea of a sudden change from the traditional architecture of the building to a minimal and modern interior as soon as guests walk in. I adore the Greek architectural characteristics of symmetry, simplicity, minimalism and elegance, and tying all these into the design of the building will be the end result of the journey through the design process that initially started with the Greek columns of the Chocolate Factory. 

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