Michaela Holland

Michaela Holland’s Portrait

Breathing life and light into The Chocolate Factory

The brief was to transform an historic Dublin building into a hybrid, multi-disciplinary working space  in a post covid world. 

My Concept, which is ‘Darkness into Light’ is a reaction to the dark space which is the Chocolate  Factory; and the fact that poor lighting is detrimental to employee wellbeing, and productivity.  

My proposed design introduces two natural light sources including a glass roofed central atrium and  a lightwell. I drew inspiration from biophilic and human centric design by including extensive planting and incorporating relaxation and downtime areas. I provided multiple types of office  settings including open plan, collaborative spaces, a games room, a wellness centre, rooftop picnic dining, and a café.  

I was mindful of acoustics, sustainability, and aesthetics when selecting materials. Those choices  support my concept through the contrast of light vs dark. While space planning a core focus was to  maximise employee’s access and proximity to natural light.  

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