Jie Ying (Pinkie) Chong

Jie Ying (Pinkie) Chong’s Portrait


AntiThesis is a multi-disciplinary design studio office located in the historical building - The Chocolate Factory, King’s Inns Street. This building was the first concrete building in Dublin. The concrete material and the fact that it is an industrial factory has inspired the word “Masculine”. In contrast, the building was built as a confectionery shop and the business became one of the leading employers of women in the area of the city, which leads to the word “Feminine”. With the mixture of these two opposing words, the ideology of “Opposites Attract” is the concept of this project. This ideology is often used to achieve a sense of balance between two opposing entities. This ties back to  the concept of a co-working office, achieving better productivity and end results than working within the same field. Design elements like the colours (dark green and soft pink), and textures (rough and soft) will represent the ideas of “Masculine” and “Feminine”.

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