Jennifer Spac

Jennifer Spac’s Portrait

Healing the workplace – The Chocolate Factory Dublin

How does chocolate make you feel? Does it make you happy, relaxed? Well research shows that  chocolates contain a chemical which stimulates the release of dopamine from the brain. Dopamine  is a neurotransmitter which creates a feeling of pleasure and motivation. I believe that the  workplace should create the same reaction, it should boost the production of feel-good hormones.  Using this research combined with my concept “healing the workplace”, I have created a home away  from home for creatives. A place where they can work, eat, relax, and repeat. Throughout my design I have included elements of biophilic design. I have used a natural colour  palete as well as lots of greenery. I have created a void which goes through the entire building to  bring light into what once was a dark space. I have split each floor into zones, depending on however  a person may be feeling that day. They can go to the ground floor for the loud work zone, the first  floor for the medium zone, the third for the quiet zone or the roof for the green zone. I believe that by combining all these elements I will achieve my goal of healing the workplace. 

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